Cherry Creek

What to Bring on Your
Cherry Creek Rafting Trip

What's Included

  • Professional Guide, instruction, and equipment
  • Delicious fresh meals
  • River shuttle by bus to and from the meet place for your trip

What to Wear

  • Athletic shoes that are lace-up or cinch-up
  • Swimsuit (two-piece recommended for women)
  • Wetsuit (Required on all Cherry Creek trips. See Wetsuit Information for additional details.)
  • Quick drying shorts to wear over wetsuit is recommended for more comfort
  • Thin long-sleeve shirt and pants made out of athletic materials for additional sun protection and/or extra layering
  • View wetsuit information and additional layering tips to learn about special clothing items required on trips occurring in spring, early summer, at higher flows, or in inclement weather
  • For additional information and helpful videos, see What to Wear for Rafting (by season)

Do NOT Wear

  • Flip-flops or open-toed sandals. This is not appropriate for rafting because open-toed shoes do not provide enough protection for your feet while in the raft or during a swim.
  • "Aqua-sock" type footwear, slip-ons, or loose fitting shoes. These slip off easily in the water.
  • Thick cotton clothing. When wet, cotton acts like a sponge and can keep you cool even on a fairly warm day.

What to Bring

  • Personal Medicine
  • Change of clothing for ride home
  • Waterproof sunblock, sunglasses with strap, hat, visor (optional)
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. There will be opportunities to refill your bottle at the meet place and during the trip.

While on the river, you need little other than your river attire. There is limited space available in a water-resistant bag for additional items, such as rain gear or medication, that you might need during the day (no towels, please). This bag is usually available only during the lunch stop.

Do NOT Bring

Pets, expensive watch or jewelry, cell phone, or camera without water protection. Space is limited on the boat. Please note that storage of wallets, and other valuables is the participant's responsibility.

Additional important items to "bring" on an All-Outdoors Class V rafting trip

#1 Personal experience on Class IV - V rivers, such as the Kaweah, North Fork of the Stanislaus, North Fork American, the Main Tuolumne, and the Cal Salmon. Or water sport experience such as surfing, boogie boarding, or whitewater canoeing.

#2 The physical condition needed for a demanding day of rafting, hiking, and boulder scrambling.

#3 Presence of mind in moving water and the ability to swim back to raft or to shore.

#4 The ability to take guide instruction seriously and implement it when necessary.

#5 Comfort in team-work both on and off the water.

#6 Presence of mind in intense and demanding situations.

#7 Proper respect for rivers and the power of moving water.

#8 An ability to balance the serious demands of class V rafting with a desire to have a great time and enjoy a beautiful canyon.

What to bring on a Cherry Creek rafting trip

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