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Policies and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in rafting with All-Outdoors. We can’t wait to be on the river with you! As you plan your trip, we think it’s important for you to be educated about All-Outdoors policies and procedures. This is why we encourage you to read about them. If you have any questions regarding our policies, contact us during business hours at (800) 247-2387.

All-Outdoors Cancellation Policy

The Basics

From the time you place your initial reservation through the time of your trip departure, All-Outdoors holds space for you and your group on that specific trip date. Once your reservation is confirmed by receipt of payment, we consider you booked for that trip. At that time, we begin making costly pre-trip preparations for your river adventure and also turn away other potential clients in order to reserve your space. For these reasons we must enforce our Cancellation Policy.

The Bottom Line

If you must cancel your trip, you will receive trip credit toward a future All-Outdoors trip under the following conditions:

* On Cherry Creek trips the day of the pre-trip orientation is considered the departure date.

Special Situations

Cancellations for Private Charter Trips
Paid spaces that are canceled and are above the 24-person Private Charter Trip Rate minimum may qualify for trip credit in accordance with the guidelines above. Canceled spaces falling below the 24-person Private Charter Trip Rate minimum are not eligible for trip credit.

Cancellations for Space Booked with our Pre-Season Rafting Trip Certificate
If your space was paid with our Pre-Season Rafting Trip Certificate at “Face Value” which carried a 25% discount and you are eligible to receive trip credit in accordance with the guidelines above, calculations will be based on the “Paid Value” of the Pre-Season Rafting Trip Certificate. See FAQs for Pre-Season Sale for more details about the program.

Cancellations for Space Booked with our Frequent Floater Discount
Because the applied Frequent Floater Discount provides for a free day, canceled space using this discount is not eligible for trip credit as described above. However, canceled Frequent Floater discounted space is eligible for a future Frequent Floater Discount Credit using this criteria: we use the actual dollar value taken as the discount on the space booked and now canceled, then apply the percent allowed under our Cancellation Policy guidelines above for assigning trip credit. The resulting dollar value is the future Frequent Floater Discount Credit. Please note: Frequent Floater earned credits and Discount Credits are not transferable.

Cancellations by All-Outdoors due to insufficient reservations, weather, water flow, or safety considerations may occur. We will refund only the trip fees for the portion of the trip not completed. All-Outdoors is not liable for any third-party expenses incurred in association with the planned rafting trip.

Cancellation Due to Rain. We only cancel a trip when, at the departure point, there is a severe storm which continues past the time that, in our opinion, prevents the completion of that day's portion of the trip.

Other Details

Full fare for your trip is usually due at the time you make your reservation to secure the trip. Unpaid spaces on a reservation are usually to allow other group members the opportunity to pay individually but until paid, are subject to re-sale should another paying guest require that space. If arrangements have been made with our office that include an established payment deadline and the deadline is missed, All-Outdoors reserves the right to resell or cancel the unpaid spaces.

Price quotes given by guide staff may be incorrect and are not binding. Accurate pricing and discounts can be found online. Contact our reservations office for quotes.

Medical Care and Evacuation Costs are the participant's responsibility. Persons with medical insurance should carry identification. Permission for medical care for minors not with a parent is given by Parent / Guardian Permission Form which would be used only if the parent cannot be reached by phone. Refer to Legal Forms below.

Returned checks will be charged a $35 fee.

Legal Forms

All-Outdoors Liability Release Form must be signed by each participant when they arrive for their river trip. Anyone who refuses to sign this release of liability or alters the content before signing it will not be permitted on the trip. Forms will be available for you to sign when you check in at the meet place for your trip. A PDF version of the Liability Release Form is also available to view or print now.

A parent or legal guardian must sign a liability release form for their child (17 years or younger) to participate in an All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting trip.

If the parent or guardian will not be present on the trip they must sign advance copies of both the Liability Release Form and Parent / Guardian Permission Form. Refer to the Parent/Guardian & Liability Release Form for instructions.

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