Wetsuit, Splash Jacket Info
and Additional Layering Tips

Special clothing items such as a wetsuit and splash jacket may be required on some rafting trips, especially in the spring, early summer, late fall, and at higher flows. This requirement is put in place for your comfort and safety, and wearing proper attire will ensure maximum enjoyment of your trip! As an added service to our guests, All-Outdoors provides wetsuits and splash jackets free of charge. Learn more about the Benefits of wearing a wetsuit for rafting and see below for additional layering tips if your trip takes place during a time period when wetsuits are required.

If your rafting trip requires wetsuits, you may choose to use a wetsuit and splash jacket provided by All-Outdoors at no extra charge, bring your own, borrow from a friend, or rent one. During registration prior to your trip we will ask you to let us know if you are planning to use our wetsuit and splash jacket. You will provide us with your sizing information at that time.

Stay comfortable in a wetsuit!
Splash Jackets

Wetsuit and Splash Jacket Details

Our wetsuit inventory will accommodate sizes ranging from 3'11" and 55lbs to 6'5" and 270lbs. If you fall outside these size ranges, you will need to rent from another source. Contact us for more information. Our wetsuits are comfortable and warm, designed specifically for whitewater sports. The one piece "farmer johns" are made out of 1/8" (3mm) thick neoprene, fully covering the legs and upper body except for the arms. The coated nylon splash jacket will help protect your arms from the cold water.

Additional Layering Tips

Appropriate river attire can make a big difference in your whitewater rafting experience, especially if your river trip takes place during a cooler and/or rainy day. Read on below and contact us if you have any questions about what to wear on your rafting trip.

Do wear...

Do NOT wear...

General What to Wear Information

For more specific information about getting ready for your California rafting trip during the different seasons of the year, see What to Wear for White Water Rafting.

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