Professional Rafting Equipment

Our more than 60 years of experience has taught us a thing or two about rafting equipment:

  1. Invest in the best
  2. Inspect often
  3. Maintain regularly
  4. Keep a variety of inventory

The ability to put on excellent rafting trips requires not only experience and knowledge, but a variety of equipment that is reliable and durable. We invest in the best equipment available and then inspect it and maintain it regularly. We take pride in what we own because it is critical to successful whitewater trips.

Reliability and durability is important, but so is having a variety of equipment. Conditions often change on rivers and when they do an outfitter needs to be ready to adjust. It costs more to have a larger inventory of equipment for a variety of applications, but it creates higher quality trips and greater customer satisfaction.

Raft Repair

"All-Outdoors is an acknowledged leader in the industry in terms of the quality of trips they run… Visit any river they operate on, and you'll see their equipment is one of the things that sets them apart. I know of no other river company that goes to such lengths to ensure that the gear they use is appropriate for its application."

Clavey River Equipment Jeff Kellogg
Clavey River Equipment

Large Fleet of Performance Riverboats


Our large inventory of whitewater rafts of varying types, sizes, and made by top manufacturers, allows us to select and utilize the best raft for each specific situation and trip.

Different rivers, fluctuating water levels and changing conditions require different types of rafts. The "mixed fleet" gives us flexibility to adapt and create the most enjoyable river trips for our guests.

Paddle Rafts and Oar-Paddle Combo Rafts

Paddle and oar-paddle combo options are utilized on our rafting trips at our discretion. The river difficulty and characteristics, the current water flow conditions, and even the make-up of the guests expected on the trip all come into play.

In both types of raft each participant is given a paddle. On the paddle raft each person paddles in cadence with the guide's commands, who also uses a paddle. This can translate to a sportier and sometimes more unpredictable ride (the reason many love whitewater rafting in the first place!).

In the 1960’s All-Outdoors invented the oar-paddle combo raft. With this type of set up, passengers use paddles to assist the guide who uses long oars to gain more control of the raft. Using this type of raft is especially important on trips at higher river flows and where precise maneuvering is critical.

Contact us if you want to discuss the type of raft rigging (paddle raft or oar-paddle combo) expected on your trip or have any other questions.

whitewater rafitng boat fleet
whitewater rafitng boat fleet

High Quality Gear For Our Guests


The high quality paddling gear we provide for our guests is among the most tried, true, and tested safety gear in the industry. As with all of our equipment, it is checked regularly for wear and tear, and maintained by our knowledgeable and skilled staff.

Paddles and Helmets

We use sturdy and lightweight paddles and whitewater specific helmets that protect the most important piece of equipment you use on the river - your head. Helmets are required on all 10 California Rivers we raft on with the exception of the South Fork of the American River where the use of helmets is optional and at the discretion of each rafter.

Life Jackets (PFD’s)

All guests must wear a life jacket provided by All-Outdoors. The life jackets, aka PFD’s (personal flotation devices) we use are the highest flotation available and are adjustable for a comfortable fit. Due to sizing restrictions, participants should not have a chest or torso size larger than 52" (life jacket maximum size).


Typically required during early spring and late fall, wetsuits and splash jackets are used to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety on your rafting trip. The wetsuits we provide have been designed with whitewater paddling in mind. A strict protocol is followed to ensure thorough sanitation between uses.

This whitewater-specific personal gear we provide, along with the river attire you arrive in (What to Bring), ensures that you will be comfortable and properly outfitted during your trip.

rafting equipment
rafting equipment

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