All-Outdoors Meals: Fresh,
Wholesome and Healthy!

Dinner on the Tuolumne RiverWe invite you to come take a seat beside a cool, clear stream, fix yourself a sandwich and allow yourself to be swept away by the soothing sounds of the rushing river. Our guides prepare your meals with a variety of the freshest ingredients available, creating a healthy and inviting menu with plenty of choices for even the most distinguishing palette. Vegetarians will find plenty of fruits, vegetables, spreads and dips to satisfy their appetite, and there are always plenty of fresh deli meats and cheeses to go around. Ambience can never be understated, so come join us for a wonderful meal, freshly prepared in a river setting surrounded by some of the most magnificent natural beauty in all of California.

1-Day trip lunches consist of our spectacular gourmet build-it-yourself sandwich bar, along with fresh fruit, salsa and chips, beverage, and a sweet dessert.

A typical 2-Day trip dinner includes hors d' oeuvres, fresh tossed salad, pasta with fresh vegetables, camp french bread, chicken and/or steak, beverages, and a fresh baked dutch oven dessert. 2nd day breakfast usually consists of hot coffee, tea, juice, fresh fruit, muffins, campfire hash browns, bacon, and our custom made river omelets, cooked to order by your guides. When river schedules require a quicker breakfast, we serve a hearty, healthy, fancy continental cuisine.

Guest Feedback

"The lunch was amazing and the guides did an outstanding job with the food not to mention the stellar presentation."
-Alan Wong from San Leandro, CA (on a South Fork 2-Day trip);
"We had driven in from Utah the night before the trip so although we offered to assist with dinner prep and clean up, our guides knew we were tired and encouraged us to take time to relax and play while dinner and dessert were being prepared for us. We had chicken, potatoes, and salad for dinner. Breakfast was a delicious mix of fruit, Kelly's famous eggs and other goodies- better food than I make at home!"
-Kelli Charlton from St. George, UT (on a Middle Fork 2-Day trip)
"I must say that the food - its preparation, presentation and taste - was out of this world. I simply don't know how your tour does it, but even by day three the food was still outstanding."
-Sean Welsh from San Diego, CA (on a Tuolumne 3-Day trip)
"The food was very good. It was the attention to detail that made simple food so good, such as the sliced avocado and hummus spread for the turkey sandwiches, the fresh fruit -- unbruised by the trip, and fresh cilantro for the burritos! There was plenty of food too. And the guides never seemed put out to prepare it for us."
-Kaye Riolo from Clovis, CA (on a Middle Fork 2-Day trip)
"The food that the guides prepared exceeded my expectations. I figured that we would be roughing it a bit being out overnight on the river, but the food was better than some hotel meals I've had. Again, the guides did such a great job preparing and putting together a nice spread."
-Derek Tamburro from Thousand Oaks, CA (on a 2-Day Tuolumne trip)
"I have been on many, many rafting trips and I will say that was the best lunch I have had on the river. Ya'll did good! Maybe you can move to W. Va and NC and show some of these rafting companies how to do rafting right." -Dennis Kish from Pineville, NC (on a Merced 1-Day trip)

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