Save Friends of the River!

California's only statewide river preservation organization is in need of help.

Freinds of the RiverPlease join us in helping save Friends of the River (FOR) so they can continue to save California's rivers. Due to the economic downturn, fundraising for all non-profits, including Friends of the River, has severely declined. FOR is the leading river preservation group in California and has been solely focused on protecting our rivers since 1973.

They are responsible for securing National Wild and Scenic status for the Tuolumne River (1984), the Merced River (1987), and the North and Middle Forks of the American River (1981). But this is just a small sample of their accomplishments, and they are determined to keep fighting for the preservation of our rivers.

"Without FOR, we wouldn't be able to offer rafting trips on many California rivers"
-George, Gregg, and Scott Armstrong, Owners of All-Outdoors


However, to continue preserving California's rivers they need our help. We are committed to saving FOR and hope you will join us in this severe time of need.

How You Can Help

  • Become a member. All-Outdoors will pay your one-year membership ($35 value)
    If you purchase any river trip at regular fare, we will pay the membership fee for you and everyone in your rafting party.

All-Outdoors will also pay the membership fee on a rafting trip that is discounted if:

-Your rafting trip has a discount of $17.50 or more and you choose to give up $17.50 of your discounted amount, we'll match it and you can become a member.

-Your rafting trip has a discount of $17.50 or less: you can choose to give up your discount and we'll pay your $35 membership fee.

  • Donate any amount at the time of reservation.
    Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, so if you'd like to make a donation of $1, $2, $5, $10, or more at the time of reservation, we're happy to help you do so.

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