The Pre-Season Sale

Save 25% On Any California River Trip

Available Annually November - January

Rafting Trip Certificates

Purchase for yourself or give as a gift and save 25%

Can be applied towards any California rafting trip

Reserve Your Trip

Book and save 25% off regular price

Valid on any California rafting trip


FAQs for the Pre-Season Sale:

General Information

Why is the Pre-Season Sale the most popular discount offered by All-Outdoors and how does it work?

Our Pre-Season Sale provides a deep discount and total flexibility. You get 25% OFF of any California river trip—any river, any time, in the upcoming season. And if anything prevents you from rafting with us during the upcoming season, the 25% discount you receive will be carried over to another trip in the future and will not expire. Here’s how to save:

How do I learn more about your trips and what to expect from each river?

How long is the Pre-Season sale and when will it end?

Are there any restrictions associated with the Pre-Season Sale?

Booking Your Trip During the Pre-Season Sale

If I am ready to book my trip and know the date, can I reserve it now and save 25%?

Yes, if you know which itinerary you want and you know when you want to go, you can reserve your trip now. To start a reservation, call us, live chat, or Book online. The reservation will fall under our cancellation policy.

What if I know what trip I want but, I don't know when I want to go?

Not a problem. Just purchase a Rafting Trip Certificate based on the cost of the trip you want but for 25% less and call us to book the date when you're ready.

What if I don’t know what trip I want? How do I choose a trip for myself or as a gift for someone else?

You can review our trips online or contact us for assistance in matching a trip for you or someone who will receive this as a gift.

Pre-Season Sale Rafting Trip Certificates

Who can I purchase Rafting Trip Certificates for and how do they work?

When the Rafting Trip Certificate is for me, how will it look and what will it say?

When the Rafting Trip Certificate is a gift, how will it look and what will it say?

How and when will Rafting Trip Certificates arrive?

Your choice of delivery: emailed pdf or a printed copy through the USPS.

What about the return policy and what if the Rafting Trip Certificate is not used in the year for which it was purchased?

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