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Fall in the Gold Country:
Fall is the perfect time to squeeze in a weekend getaway to the Gold Country of El Dorado County. If you could use a quick break to get away from it all (and who doesn’t?) think about a relaxing weekend in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where you’ll find fantastic whitewater, award-winning wineries, and the best cheese store for miles.

Rafting with Children - A Mom's Perspective!
Read veteran guide Stephanie's article on the joys of taking young kids down the river—and how snack time and river trips turn into science lab at her house on a regular basis.

AO Psychology 101: What is Your Rafting Personality?
After trading in our life-jackets for lab coats and conducting extensive research, we have compiled data that shows 99% of the human race falls into one of what we like to call the Three Rafting Personalities. First, there are Hard-Core Extremists, then there are the Middle-Pathers, and finally, there is the Family Man (or Woman! We're equal opportunity rafters!). Which one are you? Take our quiz and find out!

California High Water
Many of California's rivers are running at extremely high flows due to a substantial winter snowpack that is just beginning to melt after a series of heavy rains. Learn more about the high water issues and what precautionary measure AO is taking during this high water stint.

2005 California River Flow Predictions
California rivers are expected to have above average flows for most of the 2005 season as well as an extended season thanks to a substantial and wet snowpack. Get the skinny on how each of our California rivers is expected to run.

Winter Snowpack & Water Content
Take a closer look at what makes for a great whitewater rafting season and find out how winter snowpack and water content directly affect California rafting.

Archived Articles from 2004

Dam Snafu Creates Flash Flood on the Middle Fork American
Routine drill prompted one and a half gates at Ralston Dam to open, spilling 1,000 acre feet of water into the Middle Fork

California Weekend Getaways
Isn't time you took some time for yourself? We can help with these weekend getaway ideas.

What to Wear On a Summer Rafting Trip
Find out how stay cool and comfortable while rafting on those hot summer days.

California Adventures
Whitewater rafting is one of the most exciting, fun, and accessible adventures to be found in California.

Take a Family Rafting Vacation
In every day life, creating and keeping your family bond is more important than ever, but also more elusive...

Hydro-power Threatens the Futaleufu River!
What if you were offered an opportunity to secure cheap electricity for you and your neighbors by erecting a power plant?

Multi-Day Rafting Trips--A Recipe for a New You!
The truth is, a multi-day river trip can be a life changing experience...

Spring Rafting Gear
Find out how stay warm and comfortable on spring rafting trips. Learn what to wear and what not to wear.

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