Interpretive White Water Rafting Trips

Interpretive TripsInterpretive Trips

On each All-Outdoors trip guides share interpretive information about the river and canyon through which your trip passes. Many guests have expressed interest in trips that focus specifically on environmental education. In an effort to accommodate those with such curiosity, we offer special interpretive trips on the Middle Fork American, North Fork Stanislaus, and Tuolumne rivers. The quiet pools, exceptional whitewater, and scenic wilderness of these rivers provide an ideal setting to have fun while we learn.

Hikes and discussions emphasize the natural, cultural, and political history of the rivers. We share information about geology, river ecosystems, and riparian flora and fauna. The canyon's human history, involving Native American and Gold Rush miners is highlighted. Our interpretive program further includes an in-depth look at hydropower and its effect on California's rivers.

Trips are led by experienced All-Outdoors guides who possess formal training in natural resource fields. Written materials are provided to complement our presentations. People of all ages will benefit from this unique educational opportunity.