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1-Day Whitewater Rafting Trips

Advanced Class V

An evening of Class V instruction followed by a full day
of the most challenging whitewater in California

Class IV warm-up first mile–Class V next 8 miles!
1 hour + 8 hours, 9 miles
Breakfast, snacks, late lunch


TRIP ITINERARY: Cherry Creek 1-Day Rafting Trips

Cherry Creek River Map

Meet: 7 p.m., La Casa Loma
Agenda: Instruction, demonstrations, exercises, equipment rental

Meet: Early morning, La Casa Loma
Hour One: Bus ride
Hour Two: Quick breakfast, instruction
Hour Three: Class IV rapids, swim practice
Hour Four: Class IV-V+ rapids, snack
Hour Five-Six: Class IV-V+ rapids
Hour Seven: Take-out, late celebration lunch
Hour Eight: Bus ride

This trip meets the night before for Class V instruction and to review several important details of the following day. The next morning starts very early. After a quick breakfast at put-in, you'll jump into your boat and take on several Class IV rapids right out of the gate. Then we'll stop to test our swimming skills in a Class II rapid before we venture into the Class V section of the river. Class V Corkscrew and Jawbone rapids are our first challenge, then we tackle the staircase drops and boulders of Class V+ Mushroom Rapid. Just when you think you've seen the ultimate in Class V rafting, along comes Miracle Mile--a mile-long succession of Class V rapids. After Class V+ Lewis' Leap, you'll help portage the boats around two waterfalls. Three Class IV rapids will speed us to our take-out, where you'll enjoy a well-earned late lunch.

THE NEXT STEP: Plan Your Trip

You may want to check out our Multi-Day Tuolumne/Cherry Creek Combo trip options if you have not done so already.If you have made your decision you can start planning your trip by visiting the "Plan Your Trip" page where we make it easy for you to check availability and make a reservation. You can also contact us during our business hours by calling (800) 247-2387.