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The All-Outdoors Frequent Floater Program®

Frequent Floater CardEarn Free Trips When You Raft With All-Outdoors!

For each day you raft with All-Outdoors you receive one Frequent Floater credit. After you have accumulated five Frequent Floater credits, you will be awarded one FREE day of rafting on any of our 10 California rivers. That's a 100% Discount!

Hear what one of our guests had to say about the rewards of our Frequent Floater Program:

"Thank you so much! We had a wonderful trip on the Middle Fork and Gina, our guide, was an absolute doll! Thanks again for all your efforts to make this trip a reality for us...it was quite a memorable trip we will enjoy in retrospect for years to come. As for Mike and I, we now have completed 5 days each on AO and will be looking forward to collecting our free day on the river next year! What a great program. Rest assured we will HIGHLY recommend AO to anyone who will listen with half an ear! We think you guys are the best and wish you continued success doing what you already do so well."
~ Deanna & Mike Mandish

How can I raft for free?

Let's say you want to earn a free day of rafting on the Tuolumne River (a $279 value!).

You have already been rafting with AO four days since 2008, including:

  • South Fork 1-Day
  • Middle Fork 2-Day
  • Merced 1-Day

You only have to raft one more day to earn a free 1-Day trip on the Tuolumne River, or you can take half-off the cost of a 2-Day trip!

Another Example

Here's another example. You want to do a midweek trip on the Middle Fork (a $154 value!).

You have four days credit since 2011, including:

  • South Fork Express (counts as 1-Day)
  • Middle Fork 2-Day
  • Middle Fork 1-Day

You only have to raft one more day to earn a free 1-Day trip on the Middle Fork, or you can take half off the cost of a 2-Day trip!

Other program features

  • No enrollment is necessary and credits never expire.
  • Frequent Floater credit is awarded to each individual that has rafted with us regardless who paid for the trip.
  • Discounted trips also count toward your free Frequent Floater day unless the discount received is near to or greater than 50%.
  • Frequent Floater discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions when used on a multi-day trip.
  • Certain large group bookings may not be eligible to apply Frequent Floater discounts.
  • Because the applied Frequent Floater discount provides for a free day, canceled space using this discount is not eligible for trip credit as described in the All-Outdoors Cancellation Policy. However, canceled Frequent Floater discounted space is eligible for a future Frequent Floater Discount Credit using this criteria: we use the actual dollar value taken as the discount on the space booked and now canceled, then apply the percent allowed under our cancel policy for assigning trip credit. The resulting dollar value is the future Frequent Floater Discount Credit.
  • Frequent Floater earned credits and Discount Credits are not transferable.

If you have rafted with All-Outdoors any time since 1992, you may have already earned credit toward a free day. Contact us to find out how many Frequent Floater days you have accumulated - call (800) 247-2387 or chat with us online.