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Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular corporate team-building activities. It's no secret why: rafting is inherently a team-building activity. In order to even paddle through the easiest of rapids, paddlers need to communicate effectively, act decisively as a unit, and help each other. Trust, cooperation, and support are all essential. When your company employees go on a corporate team-building rafting trip they learn:

  • Corporate TeambuildingEffective communication skills to increase work productivity
  • Time management skills to better control multiple work projects
  • Problem-solving techniques to resolve challenges specific to your business
  • To work as a team on common work goals and incentives
  • To create a supportive environment which fosters creativity

Trips to accommodate everyone

We offer trips on ten California rivers so we can easily find a river trip to accomplish your goals. Whether you want to push the envelope a bit or simply learn to work as a team on mellow whitewater, we have a trip to fit your needs.

Varied trip lengths

Whether you have just a few hours or a whole weekend, we have a corporate team-building trip that will achieve your goals.

Special Offers for Groups

We offer a variety of discounts for your group:

  • groups of 6 or more: 5%off
  • groups of 12 or more: 10% off
  • groups of 18 or more: 15% off
  • Visit our Discounts page for all discount options.

If you have a group of 24 or more, you can save 24% to 28% by chartering a private trip! It's the preferred option for corporate groups and organizations and exclusive to our most popular rivers, the South and Middle Forks of the American. See Private Charter Trips for prices and information.

Because we want to custom-fit your program to suit your company's team-building needs, we suggest you check out the California river rafting trips we provide, then call us at (800) 247-2387 to discuss your trip. We'll assess your goals and help you create the best corporate team-building experience for your employees.

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